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Our Services / Prices

★Overseas Business

  We will handle overseas applications (patents, utility models, trademarks, designs), respond to office action, act as an agent in communicating with on-site patent firms, and manage other clerical work. We are capable of corresponding to any country. Our firm has focused on overseas business and we have maintained friendly relationships with overseas patent firms for a great number of years (especially in the United States, China, Germany, France, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and India).

  Accordingly, as we are able to obtain a broad range of support based on mutual trust, feel free to consult with us on anything in regard to overseas intellectual property from not only those related to applications but measures against local counterfeiting or overseas sales as well. Furthermore, as the flow of steps involved and the costs vary depending on each issue, by contacting us, we will be happy to provide you with an outline of the procedures along with an estimate.

★Patents / Utility Models

  The system of patents and utility models protects technical creations (inventions) that realize useful effects. With patents, although a request for examination is separately made after the application and a patent is issued after this upon being examined by the Patent Office, with utility models, the right is issued simply by filing an application. These two differ in aspects such as the effective period of the right and procedures involved when exercising the right.

  Apart from filing applications in regard to patents / utility models and responding to various trials or notifications of reasons for rejection, our firm handles a wide range of services which include dealing with various proceedings for accelerated examination and providing of information, etc., preparing appraisals and written opinions on whether the technology being practiced by one’s company is infringing patents of other companies, and managing other clerical work. While we are capable of corresponding with technical fields of chemistry, pharmacology, biology, mechanical, electric, and consumer products, as there may be certain cases that we have difficulties with, please make and inquiry for further details.

★Trademark Registration

  Trademarks are markings for identifying products / services (by the way, “Eisei” is a registered trademark of our firm). The rights to a trademark are issued upon examination after an application has been filed with the Patent Office. In order to prevent the application from being a waste, prior to filing the application, it is necessary to research trademarks in order to determine its likeliness of being registered. At our firm, we carefully make decisions in regard to a potential trademark’s likeliness of being registered and make efforts to ensure that rights are issued.

★Design Registration

  The system of design registration protects the design of products. The rights to a design are issued upon examination by the Patent Office after an application has been filed. From the aspect of protecting the design of industrial products that are manufactured in great numbers, this is distinguished from copyrights that protect creations that are purely artistic. Our firm will handle any business in regard to applications for designs.

★Intellectual Property Research

  Both domestically and overseas, we will research prior art, invalidating materials of patents / utility models, actual usage of registered trademarks, and perform watching researches of other companies (or a specific technology), etc. With intellectual property research, we will perform searches using Ultra-Patent and IPDL, etc. for documents of patents / utility models, trademarks, and designs while using JDream III and STN, etc. for general technological documents and papers. Through close communication with partnering information searching companies, we will provide these services for an extremely low price (please compare our price with other companies). In addition, we will make arrangements with the JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency) and the National Diet Library, etc. for a copy of the literature of the technological documents / papers / patent publication, etc. and deliver these to you.

★Intellectual Property Translation

  We will handle translations of applications for patents, utility models, trademarks, and designs as well as any document related thereto (into English, Chinese, Korean, etc.). You may also feel free to request a translation of a notification of reasons for rejection or just a single part of the documents for the application. With translations in regard to intellectual property, the quality of the translation is the most important factor and if there are any flaws in the translation, there is the risk of not being able to acquire a right or exercise an acquired right. At our firm, we place a focus on the quality of the translation while making efforts to provide such for the lowest price possible.

★Certifications / Notifications

  We will handle various proceedings in relation to the Patent Office for such as reporting a change of the right holder, reporting a change of the address, reporting the transfer of rights, and making annual payments. Apart from the above, we will also act as an agent in obtaining a secured date on private documents by a notary public and obtaining authorization / apostille for documents to be submitted overseas. Obtaining a secured date on private documents by a notary public is one of the effective ways of ensuring the benefits of self-defense by proving prior use while keeping the technology of one’s company confidential.


  The cost of our services will be a sum of the fee for handling by our firm + actual expenses (such as payments to the Patent Office, etc.) (We do not charge by the hour). As the fee for handling by our office will differ depending on the issue at hand, please make an inquiry. As our firm makes efforts in low cost management by keeping down advertisement costs and fixed fees, we are able to provide our services for a low price.

  Cost of Filing an Application (example)

   ●Domestic Patent Application: 240,000 yen (all included) and up

   ●Overseas Patent Application (in China): 278,000 yen (all included) and up