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Our Philosophy

1.We will act on the interest of our customers first.

2.We will correspond in a flexible manner to meet the needs of our customers.

3.We will be a humble firm that our customers can casually make use of.

1.We will act on the interest of our customers first.

  Acquiring intellectual property has no meaning if it does not help with the interests of the customers. Therefore, at Eisei, we consider whether the acquisition of intellectual property will be in the interest of the customers. We will not advise our customers to file needless applications nor pitch unnecessary services.

  Then, you may wonder, what exactly are the benefits that can be obtained by acquiring intellectual property?

  Broadly classified, benefits such as those listed below can be obtained.

  Benefits from Self-Defense

  When intellectual property in regard to one’s product / service is acquired by a third person, the development that has been involved with the unique technology goes to waste which may even lead to the risk of one becoming unable to continue their business. However, by acquiring intellectual property, it is possible to prevent such unforeseen circumstance. In order to prevent the business of one’s company from stalling, it is extremely important to take defensive measures for protection against competitors. For risk management, if self-defense is the purpose, it is not exactly necessary to acquire intellectual property as filing an application may be enough (in the case of patents, utility models, and designs). For those that would like to ensure the benefits of self-defense while keeping their technology a secret, refer to the section on “Certifications / Notifications” under our services.

  Benefits from Eliminating Competition

  In the event that a third person is infringing one’s intellectual property without permission, it is possible to force the third person to both cease such acts of infringement and compensate for damages incurred. Benefits can be obtained by attacking competitors. In recent years, the presence of patent trolls (Non-Practicing Entities (NPE)) that purchase intellectual property and attempt to obtain settlements and license fees by attacking companies has become a hot topic.

  Benefits from Advertising

  As the acquisition of intellectual property proves that one’s company has technical skills and development capabilities, this makes it possible to obtain a social sense of trust. In addition, by advertising one’s intellectual property in various media such as catalogs, brochures, and websites, etc. it is possible to actively appeal the technical skills and development capabilities of their company to the outside and improve the image of their products / services.

  Furthermore, it is possible to prevent the encroachment of other companies into the field of one’s products / services.

  Benefits from Utilization as Property

  Since intellectual property is a type of property (intangible property) as its name suggests, it is possible to obtain benefits in many different forms by utilizing such as property. For example, by transferring or permitting the use of one’s intellectual property to a third person, it is possible to obtain considerations. In addition, by permitting the use of intellectual property held by one’s company, in exchange for this, it is possible to receive permission to use intellectual property held by the opposite company (cross license) which then makes it possible to expand the scope of one’s business and establish a partnering relationship with the opposite company.


2.We will correspond in a flexible manner to meet the needs of our customers.

  The needs of our customers are widely varied.For example:

   Is it possible for us to prepare the documents and ask for your services for only the required formalities?

   Is it possible to ask you to prepare a part of the documents?

   Is it possible to split the cost and make payments in installments?

  In response to such requests, we at Eisei will individually correspond in a flexible manner from the perspective of each customer. It is our desire to always be a patent firm that will respond to any need.

  This is because we are hoping for a long term relationship built on a mutual sense of trust.


3.We will be a humble firm that our customers can casually make use of.

  For most people, a patent firm is not something they are familiar with and the formal feeling of such place may make it difficult for them to approach.

  In this sense, Eisei is a patent firm with an informal atmosphere that can easily be accessed (2 minute walk from the east exit of Kanda station). If you feel that such atmosphere seems right for you, feel free to try giving us a call. Consultations are always free, even if it is not your first time. In addition, depending on your needs, we will partner with other professionals (lawyers, tax accountant, etc.) to help resolve any problems you may have.